A CONCERNED resident has vowed to report rogue parkers who persistently block a school and care home's access.

Jeanette Edwards, chairman of Penistone West Crime and Safety Group, has been campaigning to improve access to St John's Primary School and Buckingham Care Home, off Green Lane, Penistone, for months.

She plans to report registration plates to the police and has also been given cards by the fire service to place on car windscreens to inform drivers of the issues of blocking a road and preventing emergency service access.

"I've never seen chaos like it," she said. "It's absolutely horrendous. I think it's time to name and shame.

"I'm going to contact the police as it just seems like they're not bothered about the problems they're causing.

"If there was a fire or they needed to get a patient out in an emergency, they haven't a hope in hell."