BARNSLEY Hospital patients will now be able to nominate a staff member who they feel has gone above and beyond their line of duty.

The hospital, which has held its annual Heart Awards for the last five years, recognises the hard work of staff and volunteers.

In the past only staff were able to make nominations, but this year a new 'Patient's Choice' category has been added.

This gives patients past or present - or their representatives - a chance to nominate a member of staff who they feel has made an outstanding contribution to their care.

The hospital's chairman, Stephen Wragg, said: "I encourage anyone who has experienced excellent care in our hospital to nominate the members of staff that provided that care, to give them the recognition they deserve."

A winner will be presented with their award at The Barnsley Hospital Charity Heart Awards on June 6 at the Holiday Inn, Dodworth.

To nominate, click here.