YOUR name could be immortalised as part of a new campaign to sponsor a seat at Barnsley's Lamproom Theatre.

More than £20,000 is needed to renovate the theatre's 187 seats, and Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis is leading the drive.

They have been in place since 2001 and it's no wonder they're in need of a refresh, as The Lamproom estimates 250,000 theatre-loving people have plonked down on them since then.

Anyone wishing to help can sponsor a seat for £50. A plaque will be placed on each new seat with an inscription chosen by the sponsor, so they can have their name, family name, club or business permanently acknowledged.

"The Lamproom is an important part of our cultural offer here in Barnsley," Mr Jarvis said. "It's important that we raise funds to ensure it continues as a vital local theatre for the coming years."