FOUR camera-wearing enforcement officers are being brought in to stamp out littering and dog fouling offences in Barnsley town centre.

Cleaning up litter and dog mess costs Barnsley Council £1 million to clean up every year.

The alarming figure has prompted a new 'zero tolerance' pilot scheme to be launched in Barnsley town centre which will see the council partner with a private company.

Four enforcement officers - who will work for the firm - will go into the town centre and will carry cameras while on duty so all enforcement activity can be monitored.

The 12-month scheme will be provided at no cost to the council, with the firm being paid £40 for every fine issued correctly.

They need to issue 1,350 tickets and receive full payment of 730 of them.

A council spokesman said: "If, at the end of the year, not enough tickets have been issued to cover the costs of the new roles, they will bear that loss, not the council.

"We are addressing a continued blight on our environment and landscape in an innovative and cost-effective way. The council will monitor activity, making sure fines are being issued in a fair way, with the town centre environment and local residents taking priority over income generation."