A PRINCESS has been making surprise appearances at little girls' birthday parties across Barnsley.

Laura Davies, 26, of Ravenfield Drive, Smithies, runs fancy dress business CopyCat Costumes and launched a sideline in dressing up herself to surprise children.

It only started a month ago and is already starting to take over her life.

"It's been absolutely crazy," said Laura, who says she really enjoys donning a huge dress, covering herself in glitter and playing party games with little girls from age two and up.

"I arrive usually in the second hour of a party, when the children have settled, and I can only stay an hour. That's part of the princess theme - when the hour's over, the princess disappears.

"I'll arrange it with the parents and arrive with a cake, or a gift, and be the little girl's best friend for that hour.

"I never intended to work with children, but I absolutely love it. It's brilliant."