COUNCIL tax will rise and the discount scheme for over-65s phased out after the budget was set this week.

The 1.9 per cent increase - the first rise in four years - was agreed on Thursday.

It works out at a 44p increase a week for band D properties, which equates to about £22.81 a year, and a 29p a week for band A homes, about £15.20 a year.

However, police and fire authorities have yet to formally set their own council tax requirements, which will affect the overall rate to be paid and could raise it further.

Council leader Sir Steve Houghton said: "A 29p increase for band A properties is still less than the rate of inflation.

"I appreciate it's the first increase in four years but we have to make sure the council's finances are robust going forward.

"People are now beginning to see the pressure on services. It's a very difficult decision and it would be nice to be able to freeze it forever, but we have to make sure the financial position is as sound as it can be."