SWATHING changes to the council's recycling service are coming into effect next week - but many locals have been left confused by the change.

We've been contacted by scores of WABers asking us to write a guide to make it easier to understand.

Here's what's happening in a nutshell:

* All residents should now have received a white sack in preparation for the changes which come in on Tuesday (March 4).

* The changes have come about due to a change in government legistlation that prevents the council from collecting garden waste and cardboard in the same bin - this is to tighten up the quality of composting waste.

* From Tuesday, cardboard will no longer be allowed in a green bin. It will be collected in a blue recycling bin with paper collected in a white recycling bag.

* The recycling collection will now occur on a four-week rota as opposed to a two-week one.

* If you only use your green bin for cardboard you can ask the council to remove the unwanted bin for you.

* Collection dates may have changed - new calenders will be provided to residents. 

Grey bins (household waste) - remains fortnightly

Green bins (garden waste) – fortnightly up to winter, then four-weekly

Brown bins (glass and plastic) – four-weekly

Blue bins (cardboard only) – four-weekly

White bag (paper) - four-weekly

* Many locals have threatened not to use the recycling bins due to the confusion - WAB asked if this would be more costly on the taxpayer in the long run. It will. The cost of disposing of waste in grey bins costs 17 times more per year that it does to take recycled waste (£52 per household per year).

* There is a delay in delivering additional recycling bins - due to demand the council say these may not be with you until end April. Until then, you can put additional recycling bags out with your bins and they will be collected.

We unfortunately cannot let you know your individual collection days as they vary so massively from postcode to postcode.

However, the council promises to update its website with information here.