A ROAD safety campaign is underway after claims that several children have been knocked over.

There is concern about the roads around High View and Netherwood schools.

Most accidents on Newsome Avenue, outside High View, were minor but Roan Farnsworth, who was hit by a bike outside Netherwood, was in hospital for more than a week after suffering a broken leg.

MP Michael Dugher said he had contacted Wombwell Safer Neighbourhood Team about the situation outside High View, where there have been three incidents in as many months.

He has asked the council to consider adding school crossing patrols and to impove the road markings. 

Children at the school have also sent letters to the council expressing their concerns.

Coun Roy Miller, cabinet spokesman, said: “We have spoken to High View about delivering a range of initiatives, including pedestrian training, and would be happy to speak to any other school interested in such measures.

"We repeatedly ask people not to park outside schools, to reduce speed and pay extra care when driving past schools, especially where lines of sight are obstructed, and ask them never to park on zig-zags or double yellow lines.”