HOYLAND councillors have revealed plans to spend £60,000-a-year employing two officers that will crack down on illegal parking, litter and dog muck.

Coun Jim Andrews and Coun Chris Lamb - for Rockingham ward - said despite the fact that dog bins had been installed and signs sprayed on the road people were still ignoring them.

They want to use funds from the South Area Council to fund the scheme in Hoyland.

Coun Andrews said: "One thing that seems to be the blight of people's lives is dog muck and litter - it's low level stuff but it's very irritating.

"Sometimes you can't educate people. You have to name them, shame them and hit them in the pocket."

The enforcement officers would work in Hoyland and Elsecar but it is hoped they would cover their own costs by bringing in money through fixed penalty notices.

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