A RISE in complaints about the number of youngsters posting explicit photos of themselves on the internet is being investigated in Barnsley.

Chief Superintendent Andy Brooke said officers had noticed an increase in the number of young people in Barnsley exchanging inappropriate photographs of themselves.

He warns the problem can escalate - and in some cases has ended in stalking cases.

He said: "Currently we're investigating a number of cases, some of which are quite abusive, sexual, domestic and include some elements of stalking.

"It's not a significant number, but there are an increasing number of investigations around social media.

"People think they're sharing such things with their friends, but then it's shared with others and before you know it thousands of people have seen it."

He added many people were not aware that sending racist, abusive, sexist or other inappropriate comments and images was an offence under the Telecommunications Act and can potentially hinder young people who later apply for jobs.

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