OVER 250 people in Barnsley have received their share of nearly £170,000 after wrongly paying the so-called 'bedroom tax'.

In January, the Department for Work and Pensions admitted it had made a mistake when passing bedroom tax legislation and said up to 5,000 would be entitled to a refund.

It meant that one in 14 of those paying bedroom tax in Barnsley were eligible for money back.

"The mistake happened when the government did not update housing benefit regulations when new legislation was drafted," said Dearne MP John Healey.

"It means council and housing association tenants who have lived in the same home and been entitled to housing benefit since 1996 are eligible for a refund on bedroom tax paid since April.

Nationally, the bedroom tax hits 660,000 people, of which 400,000 are disabled. It costs the average family £720 a year.

"The government should scrap the bedroom tax altogether," Mr Healey added. "It's a cruel and unfair policy that has forced families to use food banks and could end up costing more than it saves."