SHOCKING new figures from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue have revealed alcohol is a factor in half of all house fire deaths in the county.

From April 2009 to March 2013, alcohol was a contributory factor in seven of the 15 deaths in house fires.

A further 110 people were injured in alcohol or drug-related fires, the statistics show.

The figures - released to coincide with fresh data from the Office of National Statistics - has prompted fire chiefs to urge people be more alert if people have been drinking.

Kevin Ronan, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue’s head of community safety, said: "Our main piece of advice is that if you've been out drinking, don’t cook.

"Alcohol is a big factor behind a lot of our recent house fire deaths and causes dozens of fire-related injuries every year.

"Advice to prevent serious house fires includes buying a takeaway and not attempting to cook after a night out drinking.

“Never use a chip pan - oven chips are much safer."