ALMOST 70 Olympic tickets will be up for grabs after Newham Barnsley's Partnership managed to get tickets for events like wrestling, hockey, boxing, judo and basketball.

Children and young people will be the focus of the giveaway programme designed to use 2012 Olympic tickets to recognise their achievements. The opportunity aims to help as many young Barnsley people as possible to go to the games in London next July.

NBP partnership manager Oliver Coppard said the ticket distribution would recognise and reward achievement and aspiration.

"Some of the tickets will be allocated through a ballot using ‘praise postcards’ that were given out to schools and community groups earlier in the year," he explained.

"Praise postcards are being used in Barnsley to recognise and reward aspiration and achievement among children and students who, for example, do a particularly good piece of work, or for volunteering or performing well at sport."

He added that overall, the tickets will recognise aspiration and achievement, and the contribution of inspiring members of the community - such as those who run sports clubs or cultural organisations in their spare time.