There's been a lot of debate on our Facebook page recently about UFO sightings. Here's the latest sightings that have been reported to website

Barnsley-6th August 2012

Time: 11.30pm approx

Witness Name: S. McGougan

Witness Statement: Just before I went to bed last night at 11.30pm I looked out of my landing window and saw a bright light in the distance. Obviously initially thought it was a plane or something. Looked out again about 10 minutes later, and it was still there in the same position. Because we have a nice view out of our landing window I keep a pair of small binoculars up there. I decided to look at this bright light through the binoc's and was amazed to see it was like a large circle of separate lights, then with a separate line of lights straight through the middle and slightly angled. I looked around the sky at the stars that were all normal. But then I saw another one of those round objects of lights, but this wasn't as bright but was probably further away. This wasn't moving either. This one was still there when I finally went to bed. The other one however started moving across the sky - much faster than the average plane, and disappeared out of sight very quickly. The one that moved appeared to have been over Mapplewell way, but was probably much much further away than that - maybe as far as Dewsbury (or further)? The other that was stationary was more like Wakefield or Featherstone (again, it could have been much further).

I looked online when I got to work this morning, but there appears to be no other mention.

I've always believed in things like this, but in my 32 years this is the first realistic thing i've seen of this kind.


Barnsley, South Yorkshire-4th August 2012

Time: 11.30pm - Midnight

Witness Name: David Lavelle

Witness Statement: Around 11.30pm I saw a large ball of red light with an orange tinge travel across the sky. It crossed West to East at a very fast speed that no aircraft could achieve. It was below the clouds and had no trail. Maybe a meteor or maybe something else. I have seen a meteor before that broke up when it entered our atmosphere but this light was traveling at a very high speed horizontally across the sky which did not appear to be falling?


Barnsley, South Yorkshire-30th July 2012

Time: about 2:00 am

Witness Name: Martin Shaw

Witness Statement: I was looking over my balcony with a view over the town centre. Over the police station, when an almost invisible, large (relative to distance it was about the size of the gurkin tower in London) object flew across with a vector cloud infront. I was not on drugs or alcohol.


South Yorkshire, Barnsley-21st-28th July 2012

Time: 1am - daylight

Witness Name: Kieron Hawkins

Witness Statement: I often stay up for most of the night, being quite the insomniac. From my bedroom window for the last week, at exactly 1am in the morning, every morning, I have witnessed this huge bright light in the sky. I am almost certain that this is not the space station. The light appears through cloudy nights and clear nights, regardless of conditions, it is there. Half way through the week I started seeing the second light to the upper left in the video that I have taken just now at 3am in the morning. I'd just like to say that these lights are absolutely without a single doubt in my mind, NOT lanterns, planes, weather balloons or anything of the sort, they stay in the same position all night long and they do not disappear until it gets too light to see them.


Barnsley, South Yorkshire-15th April 2012

Time: 10pm

Witness Name: Keiron Cosgrave & Christine Hancock

Witness Statement: Myself and Christine sat in our hot tub at night under a clear starry sky. We observed a very bright large star like light at approximately 10 to 15 thousand feet travelling slowly from east to west in the night sky. Standing up in the tub the object made no noise whatsoever. It looked like a four times sized Venus brilliant and consistent, no evidence of aeroplane navigation green and red lights and not flashing. Light passed directly overhead and remained consistent throughout that time.


Huddersfield to Dodworth (Barnsley)-10th April 2012

Time: 8:30am

Witness Name: David

Witness Statement: As I was driving to work I noticed what a appeared to be a small cylindrical silver ball up in the sky, the object was a fair distance away so appeared small, intially I thought it was a plane as it appeared very reflective. However there was no trail, and it was clearly a ball shape.


Barnsley , South Yorkshire-31st March 2012

Time: 23:37

Witness Name: Lee

Witness Statement: I nipped outside for a smoke before bed. It's pretty dark in the garden area and not many street lights so a good view of the night sky. Just looking up at the stars and noticed two extra stars just to the left of mars (in view at the moment) they were moving slightly. The first one brighter than the other. I checked to see for flashing lights to indicate a plane maybe but nothing. As they contined to move straight on they seemed to dim ( maybe because of light reflected from the sun? ) I thought maybe they were satellites in view . I don't know if this counts for the site but I wondered if anyone else had seen it or could confirm what it was. Pretty amazing to watch though, what ever it was.


Barnsley (Darfield/Wombwell/Stairfoot area)-4th March 2012

Time: Aprox 22:00 - 22:30

Witness Name: Louise Parker

Witness Statement: Driving home from a trip to my parents heading down the Dearne Valley bypass towards Brampton.

Over to the left on my drivers side between the horizon and what I would call normal star level were three VERY large bright white lights. One bearing left and then two right one slightly above the other.

They were that bright and unusual that I stopped the car in the parking lay by and tried to take some photos but they were too distant on the Picture. Then I tried to take a video but as I started filming the one to left Started to slowly move away. Then the other two also moved slowly in the opposite direction till I could no longer see. It was a very unusual experience as they seemed too low and too large for stars. The sky conditions were quite a large moon and pretty clear sky with only sparse cloud.


Barnsley - December 4, 8.15am Hi , I witnesed along with two work colleagues a Strange smoke like cloud in sky ,a dark horseshoe shaped object came from within the cloud and changed from black to orangey/ red geting brighter until almost like a fireball but still retaining a horseshoe/ubolt shape, it moved very slowly in a straight line until it disapereard into the horizon . Many people must have witnessed but not seen or heard anything in local media Barnsley - November 26, 11:30pm Witness Name: Matthew Witness Statement: I was walking down Huddersfield Road when I looked in the sky and thought I was looking at a star when all of a sudden the object got brighter and i mean brighter and it kept doing this it would light up for approximately any where from 10 seconds to a minute but in the middle of the object there appeared to be a mass I couldnt tell the exact shape of it but from first glance it maybe was circular or saucer shaped I have never seen anything like it there was aeroplanes that looked alot higher than the object from my perspective. Source: Gilroyd, Barnsley-15th September 2011 Oct.18, 2011 in Yorkshire Location of Sighting: Gilroyd, Barnsley Date of Sighting: 15th september Time: 2150-2210 aprox Witness Name: Emma Heeley Witness Statement: at first glance from a distance looked like a really bright star but noticed it slowly getting closer then something dropped from it which I can only explain as like a big piece of glitter falling so I then presumed it was a lantern as you would.... but as it got closer i could see quite clearly two red lights underneath a large object it was fairly low down so defo not a plane and too quiet for a helicopter. I really don't know what to think of this my other half thinks Ive lost the plot.... Source: Athersley North, Barnsley, South Yorkshire -13th September 2011 Sep.25, 2011 in Yorkshire Location of Sighting: Athersley North, Barnsley, South Yorkshire Date of Sighting: 13/9/2011 Time: 9.30 pm Witness Name: Ellen Bounds Witness Statement: I had finished work in monk bretton at 9pm and was walking home and noticed a bright light in the sky and found it strange as i'd never seen anything that bright in the sky before, got to mansfield road in athersley at around 9.30pm and noticed another light appear opposite the one already there so i carried on walking and looked back 2 minutes later saw the light go behind a cloud and it zig zagged through the clouds with a red and blue light and then when the cloud passed a few seconds later the light had gone completely, not normally one for presuming somethings a ufo but this definitely was just gutted i didn't catch it on camera Source: Staincross, Barnsley-14th August 2011 Aug.16, 2011 in Yorkshire Location of Sighting: Staincross, Barnsley Date of Sighting: 14th August 2011 Time: 1.25am Witness Name: Karren Witness Statement: a very bright light to the west dropped at a right angle at very fast speeds lasted 6 seconds so rang a friend as it dropped near his house seemingly only for him to witness the same light but a cigar shaped craft speeding off at very fast speeds then the following day at 12am as a plane was flying past to the south heading east when 2 other big bright lights parallel to each other dropped behind the houses again very fast as conpared them to the chimneys on the houses the plane was in front of these things yet no reports yet i dont think as to anyone on the plane seeing these things. Location of Sighting: Barnsley
Date of Sighting: 14/06/11
Time: 2.00am
Witness Name: Mark Oliver Witness Statement: Before getting back in my truck I saw a very bright white light, circular in shape but difficult to see its edge due to its brightness. Tracking from west to east. I thought it was an aeroplane at first but was quickly ruled out as the object had no red, green or strobe lighting and was silent. It was MUCH larger and brighter than the background stars. I estimated it to be about three quarters the size of the near full moon to the south. I estimated its height below 2000ft and within half of a mile from me and speed at less than 100mph. I watched it tracking out of site for about one minute. Other people MUST have seen it!
I was half way through my work shift (hgv driver) and my co-worker saw the last 30 seconds of it.
I have a pilots licence (pplm), experience parachuting, long time interest in astronomy and I know what satellites, chinese lanterns, shooting stars and conventional aircraft look like and these were all ruled out.
Perhaps the pilot of the police helicopter I witnessed in that area 5 minutes earlier also saw it. Note I do not beleive the helicopter had anything to do with the object. Location of Sighting: Wombwell
Date of Sighting: 18/03/11
Time: approx 19.25
Witness Name: Chris Reynolds Witness Statement: i had gone into my back garden to let my dogs stretch their legs. i was looking into the sky which was clear and bright at the time. i noticed a well brightly lit shape heading towards me through the sky. at first i presumed it must be an aircraft, but their was no sound whatsoever. as it got closer, the brightness went out, but i could still see the object. it seemed to be orb shaped and orangey-brown in colour.
it appeared to be travelling over towards rotherham, and moving quite quickly. i went into the house to get my wife to look also, but when we got outside it had disappeared ! Location of Sighting: Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Date of Sighting: 8 march 2011
Time: between 7:00 and 9:00 pm
Witness Name: Joanne Blackburne Witness Statement: I was looking out of my bedroom window in Barnsley, which has a wide panoramic view of the village of Barugh Green ahead. It was dark and stormy. I saw an astonishingly bright orange light suddenly appear in the sky and then retract again. I thought my eyes were playing tricks, or that the double glazing had picked up a streetlight or car reflection. I watched a while longer, then saw 2 more orange lights, spherical in shape and not as vivid as the first, (possibly due to cloud coverage), moving about the sky. they appeared to be changing from orange to red and alternated between super-fast speed and slower speeds. They stayed near each other and kept appearing and re-appearing, making miles of distance in mere seconds. They appeared to be "following" each other. One light would get in front, and then hover, as the other caught up. They travelled both horizontally, vertically and randomly. A few minutes later, though it's hard to remember exact times, a fighter jet flew over my roof, very low, and proceeded to fly out over to the region I had been watching. At least one other jet joined the area, and I observed them flying about the sky-not following a flight path, but travelling erratically. After an hour or so, the jets descended to quite a low level and circled the area, of which I would guess to be around 15 miles (though that could be innacurate, I'm not very good at distances!). I think the orange orbs made a couple of appearances during this time, and the jets continued to patrol like this for at least an hour. My Daughter, 8, came home and joined me in the window. A short while after, a incredibly vivid white light appeared, as bright as football pitch floodlights, in a diamond-like shape then suddenly burst out, like an old fashioned glass camera flash. I watched for hours but didn't see anything else. I am a former Air Hostess of 9 years and am knowledgable on aviation-and I can absolutely discount all the theories and explanations I've been offered on this. They were not chinese lanterns, the space station, helicopters, electrical storms, shooting stars or lasers.