A BARNSLEY lass who has fully recovered from three heart operations will be wearing her Reds shirt when she falls from the world's tallest bungee jump in April.

Ashleigh Willetts, from Redbrook, will jump off the Macau Tower in Hong Kong and plummet 233 metres to raise money for the Children's Heart Surgery Fund at Leeds General Infirmary.

The 22-year-old, who jumps at 11am on April 16, suffered from supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) and had operations aged 14, 15 and 16.

The condition - which causes sporadic spells of abnormally high heartbeats - can see pulse rates doubling.

Ashleigh said: "I found out I had SVT when I was dancing and my heart rate would flip.

"I often fainted and there were times when it would just stop naturally but I also ended up in resuscitation countless times - one of them being in the middle of my GCSE expressive arts exam."

Having been referred to a specialist unit at Leeds General Infirmary, Ashleigh's first two operations were unsuccessful, but the third cured her and she has been clear of the condition for six years.

She now has a degree in musical theatre and is teaching dance to kids in Singapore.

"I'm nervous about the jump as I've never done one before but I thought I may as well do it properly and jump off the world's tallest," Ashleigh joked.

"The unit was almost shut down last year, but I wouldn't even be here without them. I want to raise as much money as possible for them as there are many children who rely on the service."

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