POLICE have issued a safety warning after the growth of a Facebook game that sees participants downing a dangerous concoction of alcohol.

'Neknominate' - which sees people record themselves 'necking' a pint of alcohol and then nominate others to do the same - has already been blamed for the deaths of two people in the UK.

Supt Colin McFarlane, from South Yorkshire Police, said: "At present, police have not been made aware of any concerning incidents in South Yorkshire arising from the 'Neknomination' craze.

"We would like to keep it that way. What can start out as a bit of fun, or a joke between friends, can progress into behaviour that can become irresponsible, dangerous and, at worst, fatal.

"I would urge people to stay away from these sorts of games, stay in control of their drinking and be mindful of the safety of themselves and others."