A BARNSLEY mum is raising money for Barnsley Hospital's neo-natal unit - to replace items that were stolen by heartless thieves.

Rachel Reeves, from Kendray, wants to raise £1,500 for the unit which helped care for her son when he was born 10 and a half weeks premature, weighing in at just over 2lb, a little more than a bag of sugar.

She said: "They are buying incubator aids to help tiny babies in to the ventilators and they are doing up the rooms that parents stay in - we spent some time in there and it's important for those parents who stay with their babies.

"I can't believe it - but people have actually pinched things from these rooms. They've stolen things like DVD players, TVs and even the bedside lamps."

Rachel was taken into hospital with severe pre-eclampsia, a medical condition which meant her son Kayden-Jay had to be delivered early.

She added: "We were both in danger of losing our lives. I didn't even see Kayden for the first three days as I was too ill but they were absolutely fantastic. I want to give a little something back for what they did for us - if it asn't for them we wouldn't have Kayden now.

"He's a right little buster now though - he weighs 12lb 13."

The charity event will be held on January 28 at Wombwell Cricket Club. It will be ticketed and will include a raffle and auction.

If you would like to help by donating prizes or attending the event, contact Rachel through Facebook.