A HUSBAND has been jailed for ten years after setting his wife on fire during a drunken row.

Anthony Tindle sprayed barbecue lighter fuel over his wife Vicky's head - and then set her ablaze with a lighter.

Vicky - who spent three weeks in hospital - has been left with scars on her head, back and shoulders. She also lost part of her left ear and her once shoulder-length hair may never re-grow.

Tindle, 46, had downed a two-litre bottle of Lambrini before the couple began arguing.

He initially told officers his wife had poured the lighter fluid over herself and set it alight, but the police did not believe him and he was arrested.

Neil Coxon, prosecuting, said the couple, who married in 2008, had both been drinking during the afternoon.

They began arguing about Tindle's family when she swore at him and told him to 'shut up'.

She went into the kitchen of their home in Primrose Avenue, Darfield, and stood at the sink.

"The next thing she recalled was feeling something cold running down the back of her head onto her T-shirt," said Mr Coxon.

"It smelled like barbecue fluid. Almost as immediately as she felt the cold liquid on her back she heard a loud 'whoosh'.

"She saw something bright, felt an intense heat and put both hands to her head and realised she was on fire."

Vicky, 51, filled a bowl with water three times and poured it over her head to put out the flames as her husband called the emergency services.

Sheffield Crown Court was told the incident - which happened last September - was 'completely unexpected' and Tindle had never threatened his wife previously.

She told police their relationship was over and she didn't want him back. She said: "I'm frightened of him. He has gone too far this time."