ROGUE landlords will be targeted as part of a  £230,000 that aims to improve private rented housing.

The government grant will enable Barnsley Council to focus on areas including the town centre, Goldthorpe and Wombwell.

Dearne MP John Healey welcomed the news. He said: "Many people in Goldthorpe are concerned at problems caused by bad private rented housing so they will welcome the crackdown the council are planning.

"Reports about bad landlords are increasing, and this is dragging down the names of those who treat their tenants fairly."

Barnsley Council has identified the areas as 'hot spots' where they think so-called rogue landlords may be operating.

Operations are planned involving the council, police, firefighters, the probation service and benefit and energy checks.

It's hoped the crackdown will reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and improve the condition of private rented houses.