TWO Wombwell families have spoken of their terror after armed robbers stormed their holiday hotel in Portugal.

Tracey Crossland, 43, and Carla Davison, 29, who both work in the Old Town Hall pub in Wombwell, were in the Algarve when the robbers struck, brandishing a gun.

Tracey said: "There was a foreign woman saying 'he's got a gun'.

"When we went through there was one man behind reception and another with a gun. It felt like I'd walked into the OK Corral."

The women booked the holiday as a celebration after winning £1,000 on a scratch card, as they always share their winnings.

"They took all the money out of the till and left. It seemed to last forever but it probably only lasted five minutes," added Tracey.

"I'm still shaking thinking about it now. It's a good job it was our last night because I wouldn't have stayed there another day. I'd have got a flight home."

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