Barnsley Police have issued a warning and admit they are increasingly concerned over the amount of cable theft in the borough.

A spokesman said: "Recently in the Bolton-on-Dearne area, it is believed cable was cut from an electricity pole. It is believed those involved had taken the earth cable, a low voltage neutral cable and cut the main neutral cable.

"This means that the electricity cannot return from houses so it starts to find a current wherever it can, sometimes down water pipes or gas pipes which then become live causing potentially dangers for those in the community." Sergeant Phil Jenkins of Wombwell Safer Neighbourhood Team added: “This incident clearly demonstrates the theft of metal from electricity pylons and substations clearly poses a significant risk to those involved and the general public."

Anyone with any information about cable theft should contact South Yorkshire Police on: 0114 2202020 or alternatively contact Crimestoppers on: 0800 555 111.