PARENTS have been warned to be on the lookout for games that open in phone apps and tempt children to 'buy' extras.

Barnsley's Citizens Advice Bureau is pushing a call from the Office of Fair Trading which has given the gaming industry two months to clean up its act after complaints rocketed.

A spokesman said: “Parents can find themselves footing unexpected bills after their children accidentally rack up costs through in-app games.

"One father came to Citizens Advice for help after his son ran up charges of £200 because the free app game he was playing charged for extras.

“Many families will find it difficult to cover these surprise costs.“

The new advice page from Citizens Advice recommends checking your payment settings and getting to grips with how the app works and where costs may be. Click here for info. 

Have you even been caught out by charges in games for extra lives or boosters? Comment in the box below.