PARENTS with children at one of Barnsley's new super-schools are asking the council to consider better road safety measures amid fears a child will get hurt.

Shafton ALC has been developed near some of Barnsley's busiest roads - but parents claim children coming from Cudworth - on the left hand side of Barnsley Road - don't even have a proper footpath to walk on.

Parent Nicki Pointon said: "There are quite a number of parents concerned about the lack of pavement and the fact that the children are having to cross a really busy junction with a roundabout.

"The only thing they have to walk on is a small cobbled walkway and it's just not safe for kids to walk on that as it's very narrow. The only way for them to walk on footpaths is to cross over three busy roads and the new bypass to get the right side of the road that the school is on.

"To be fair, we didn't even realise there wasn't a pavement there until we walked it. We want something to be done before someone is knocked down and killed.

"It's such a shame - the school itself is fantastic - but this has got to be sorted for the safety of the children."

Darren Richardson, assistant director of the council's environmental services, said: "As with all other new ALCs and the opening of Shafton, the access arrangements are being monitored carefully and feedback is being appropriately investigated to identify where further action may be needed and if any funding may be required."