BARNSLEY police have asked for help in tracking down some nuisance bikes being used in Athersley after a local resident was almost run over.

PC Paul Davies is working with the local Safer Neighbourhood Team to tackle anti-social behaviour in the area and says - while lots of areas have problems with nuisance bikers, the situation in Athersley has gotten worse.

A problem area seems to be the Ollerton Road area and the bikers seem to be youngsters on pit bikes and scramblers.

PC Davies said: "There's some really serious problems there with motorbikes and last week a lady nearly got hit by one. We've come across them a few times but if they get their foot down and speed off we don't persue them for their own safety.

"It's dangerous and we want to know where these bikes are being stored so we can get them off these kids in a safe way before they, or a member of the public, gets hurt.

"Kids want something to do but riding around on a bike that isn't road legal with no helmet on is just not safe. It's a recipe for disaster."

Anyone with information please contact police on 101.