WHO makes Barnsley's best pork pies? Butcher Percy Turner has people in a queue for his!

He doesn't want to shout too loud about it, though.

"If we got any more trade I don't think we could cope," said Percy, 67, who runs Turner's on Church Street, Jump.

There are over 1,400 members of the Percy Turner's Pork Pie Appreciation page on Facebook, which claims they're the best pies in the country.

More than 900 people have seen a spoof advert on YouTube, based on the famous 'not just' Marks and Spencer adverts.

You can watch that by clicking here.

Percy said: "We get people coming from all over the place. It's all word of mouth - we don't even advertise."

Last week marked a year since the horse meat scandal, but Percy says his trade has remained strong because his customers know he uses fresh local meat.

"We still buy livestock," he added. "We don't deal with anything processed.

"What you buy in our shop today was probably walking yesterday."