BALACLAVA-CLAD men wielding a gun and axes carried out an armed robbery at an off licence.

The owners of the shop on Junction Street, Wombwell, were threatened and robbed by three masked men at around 6.45pm on January 13.

One man was carrying a gun and an axe while the other two were believed to have been carrying an axe each.

Carol and Keith Dyer and daughter-in-law Sam were in the premises at the time.

Carol, 69, said: "I was talking to Sam as three men came in the door.

"The man with the gun had an axe as well. He threatened us and got us to get down on our knees while they pulled out the till and took cigarettes from the shelf.

"They were fully masked with balaclavas with just eye and mouth holes.

"Usually at that time there's around £100 in the till, maybe a little bit more."

The robbers then led the women into the kitchen and smashed both the CCTV monitor, a microwave and the telephone.

Keith, 65, heard the shouting through the flat next door and presumed it was just a customer who was getting angry because they weren't being served alcohol.

He added: "When he saw me he raised his axe above my head but I think he was just trying to control us all.

"As soon as his back was turned my first thought was to raise the alarm but because the phone had been smashed the line was dead on the other phone.

"I had to go to a neighbour's house to phone the police."

The shop owners have suffered two other armed robberies in their 14-year ownership of the shop - but claim this was the most violent.

Carol added: "It was probably all over in five or six minutes. I felt more shook up about it afterwards than I did at the time.

"I'm angry more than anything else and it seemed strange to do it at that time of day."

Bottles of liquor and charity boxes were also taken and there will be extra electrical costs to pay for where the till was pulled away.

A police statement said: "Police are investigating following an armed robbery in Barnsley.

"No one was physically injured but the staff were left extremely shaken by the ordeal."

Witnesses, or anyone with information about the robbery, is asked to call South Yorkshire Police 101, quoting incident number 895 of January 13, 2014.