TEN houses will be built on the Honeywell site of Barnsley College - but they will never be lived in.

The ten homes are going to be used as teaching aids for students to teach house building techniques from the 19th century to present day. Each house will be different, showing types of construction from 1896 to present day - students will be offered apprenticeships and will be building houses ranging from a Edwardian-style end terrace to a modern, timber framed house.

A Barnsley College spokesman said: "The process will take place in two phases, the first will involve the initial build of the houses, which are due for completion in summer 2013. Following this will be a six-month review of the development’s energy use and consumption, and then further technologies will be fitted to improve the houses’ energy efficiency.

"The houses will be used as live teaching tools for Barnsley College students, construction companies, the community and local authorities. The development is a first for Europe and will be used as an exemplar of how new building methods and technologies can make existing houses warmer and more cost effective to heat."

The houses will be built on the site of the current tennis courts. Building of the demonstration houses is planned to start at the end of the year.