A BARNSLEY man who appeared on The Chase walked away from the hit ITV show with a cheque for £3,666!

Carl Dundas made it back home with the prize after defeating chaser Shaun 'The Dark Destroyer' Wallace.

Carl, of Woburn Place, Dodworth, appeared on the show last Thursday and triumphed after he and three contestants beat Shaun to win a total of £11,000.

"It was a brilliant day and a lot of fun," Carl said. "The chasers aren't as mean as they make out to be. Shaun was smiling and winking in between takes.

"When we won he just said 'well played'."

Carl auditioned for the show, which was filmed in June, about nine months beforehand and had an audition, interview and quiz to test his knowledge.

He was shortlisted but told it wasn't guaranteed he'd make it on to the ITV programme.

Although the contestants did not know which chaser they would be up against, Carl said he wasn't scared.

"Sometimes Shaun has a bad time on the final chase," he added.

"We finished with 18 correct answers and he finished with about 14 or 15.

"When I went up in front of him on my own I didn't know a lot of answers but when it came to the final chase I was on a roll - I got about 12 questions right."

Carl is looking to spend the money on a holiday to Cuba or Mexico next year.