The organisation that looks after Barnsley Council's housing stock has revealed it will be installing solar panels on some of the council-owned properties.

Berneslai Homes will fit panels on 291 properties in the Dearne North and South, to houses that have a suitable south facing roof slope.  Tenants will will benefit from free use of electricity generated by the panels and it is estimated to save them approximatley £130 a year from their electricity bill.

The second scheme will be on larger properties Berneslai Homes manage like sheltered schemes, community centres and blocks of flats and is borough wide.  In total 46 properties are suitable with south facing roofs.  On these properties the electricity will go into the communal electricity supply, so tenants won't benefit directly, but may do through service charge calculations.

A spokesman said: "Both schemes will make use of the solar PV 'feed in tariff' scheme promoted by government and paid for by the electricity companies.  Using this funding means that over a period of 12 to 15 years the schemes will pay for themselves."