MENACING motorcyclists should be dealt with more severely, according to a local councillor.

The noise pollution caused next to South Drive, Bolton, where there's an access point to fields is considered a big issue.

At present the police are allowed to temporarily seize a bike when they're deemed to be causing a nuisance.

However, Cllr Ralph Sixsmith believes there's a need to get tougher on those offending.

He said: "Currently the ruling is that these people have two weeks to collect their bikes but I want the problem to be stopped dead.

"They're menaces and I want to lobby to have those who are breaking the law to have their bikes taken off of them and crushed.

"They've had enough chances and they know their rights by now.

"They wear balaclavas so can only be identified by their bikes and often they're listening to music whilst riding which is very dangerous."