MEMBERS of one of the town's oldest clubs have been given one month to prove they can make it profitable again and save it from closure.

The future of the Wharncliffe and Silkstone Club and Reading Room in Pilley was set to close on February 2, but has been granted a month-long extension in a last-ditch attempt to show it can make money.

Gemma Spendlove, 29, regularly attends the historic club. She said: "Members met to discuss its future and we're planning on raising as much as possible in the next month.

"Suggestions were made and we're all helping in any way we can."

Gemma and husband, Mark, have arranged an auction at the club on February 12 and plan to continue that every week if all goes to plan. 

"We understand that this isn't going to bring our club immediately out of debt, but it will give us the evidence we need to submit to the brewery to hopefully buy us more time," she added.

The club - although still with a 200-strong membership - has fallen on hard times in recent years. 

One of its longest-serving members, 85-year-old John Fergus Clegg, remembers when the club was packed with several hundred people in its heyday.

He said: "It's a terrible shame that the numbers have gone down and down. I'll be so sad if it closes."