THE Barnsley Chamber of Commerce will twin with a city in Romania to help it cope with their country's industry changes.

It will twin with Cluj-Napoca, the second biggest city in Romania.

Owen Gleadall, president of the chamber, said the city and the chamber had agreed to work together for the 'betterment of their region and ours'.

He said: "They're very interested in working with us because their industry is changing dramatically from furniture manufacturing to technology and they're wanting us to work with them to give them skills."

He said a new technology business park has been opened outside the city and a 264-hectare city called Cluj Innovation City is also to be built.

"We went over there to meet people and have had the first meetings with them and are now moving towards forming the twinning arrangement," Owen added.

"We're going over there in March or April with a trade delegation of about 15 businesses.

"A ceremony will probably take place while we are there.

"We have agreed to work together to towards the betterment of their region and ours."

Owen said the city had got a significant amount of European funding being invested in it and wanted the chamber to help spend it.

"If we can get them to spend some of it over here, which we are hoping they will do, it will be good for our businesses too."

The city has a population of about 400,000, of which about 105,000 are university students.