A MEMORIAL service will be held today in memory of two servicemen who were killed when their plane went down over Pogmoor during the Second World War.

Bomber pilot Sgt Alexander Hollingworth chose to stay at the helm of his plane as its engine burned, to steer it away from houses on Cresswell Street.

He crashed it squarely into the quarry side, now filled in, at the field off Cresswell Street on January 6, 1942.

The other four crew members had jumped, three of them to safety, but one of them, air gunner Sgt Alexander Buchanan, died when his parachute failed to deploy properly and he hit a chimney.

The service will begin at the site at 10am today.

Mayor of Barnsley Cllr Ken Richardson and former soldier Dan Jarvis MP will be in attendance.

A two-minute silence will be held at 10.10, the time at which the plane crashed.