SELF check-in kiosks have been introduced in the outpatient department Barnsley Hospital to reduce patient waiting times.

The kiosks allow patients to book in for their appointment without having to see a receptionist.

They confirm their gender, date of birth and a few details before the patient is issued with a ticket confirming their call number, appointment and location.

Patients are then able to take their seats in the waiting area identified on the ticket.

Justine Britton, business support manager for outpatients, said: "The system will help to reduce the amount of time patients are waiting around in the main waiting area and the need for patients to be escorted to their appointment by staff.

"We have made sure the system is fully supported by staff and volunteers who will be on hand to provide assistance and support to those who need it."

The patient is still able to choose whether to use the kiosks or the receptionist.

One kiosk is based at the outpatient entrance at the bottom of the escalator and two have been installed upstairs next to the main outpatient reception desk.

The kiosks are currently only in use for patients who are asked to report to main outpatient reception.

This covers clinics in medical outpatients, surgical outpatients, rheumatology, respiratory and ear, nose and throat.