A POLICE dog sniffed out drugs in six out of nine town centre pubs searched on a Saturday night raid.

Four men and a woman were cautioned for possession of drugs including cocaine and cannabis following the operation on December 14.

One man was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply.

During the searches the police dog, named Duke, also led officers to a bag of cannabis behind a radiator, a bag of cocaine on the floor of a toilet, ecstasy tablets behind an air conditioning unit and two bags of cocaine near a DJ booth.

The owners and managers of the premises searched were also spoken to and given advice on how to prevent the use of drugs in their venues.

PC Paul Davies, who led the investigation, said: "South Yorkshire Police, and partners, are committed to tackling drug possession and dealing.

"This was a successful operation and should send out a clear message that the force will take robust and proactive action to tackle crimes of this nature."