A BARNSLEY couple, who are both 99 years old, have recently celebrated their 76th wedding anniversary!

Irvine Fieldhouse worked as a butcher's boy and met his future wife, Muriel, when she walked past his shop on Racecommon Road.

They got talking, started courting and married in 1937.

The couple, from Rowan Drive, Gawber, have a son, Roger.

They've rarely been apart until recently when Irvine fell and broke his arm and had to spend time in Barnsley Hospital.

He was transferred to Mount Vernon and is now a resident in the Orchard Views care home.

The devoted couple were reunited last weekend when Muriel also moved into the same home.

Their son, Roger, 71, said: "My mum's been unhappy spending time apart while my dad's been in hospital, so it's better that they're at the same place.

"To have made it to their 76th anniversary is certainly some achievement."

Happy anniversary, Irvine and Muriel!