A BARNSLEY couple and their 'miracle triplets' are all set for their first Christmas together!

Marie Mellor, 29, and her partner Marc Hutchinson, 30, hit national headlines after the adorable babies were conceived naturally - at the same time as they underwent IVF treatment!

Marie and Marc had been trying for a family for eight years without any joy.

As a last attempt, Marie started IVF treatment, opting to have just one fertilised embryo implanted.

After a pregnancy test came back positive, the couple eagerly awaited the scan - only to discover three healthy babies!

Stunned doctors believe Marie, who was born with spina bifida, became pregnant naturally at the same time as having IVF treatment - despite her fallopian tubes being blocked.

Olly Jack, Freya Carole and Ava Noelle should have been born on Christmas Day, but the triplets were born eight weeks early.

Marie says they're all different, with Ava being the most feisty, Freya the best behaved and Olly already being a 'typical male'!

"If you would've asked me what I wanted for Christmas I'd have said a baby - I never would have dared dream that I'd have three," Marie added.

"They're my miracle babies and it's going to be the most wonderful Christmas."