A CONCERNED crime group leader says parking congestion outside a care home and primary school is going to result in a death.

Jeanette Edwards, chairman of Penistone west crime and safety, says emergency vehicles are being prevented from accessing Buckingham Care Home, off Green Lane, due to parents blocking the entrance with their cars as they collect children from the adjacent St John's Primary School in afternoons.

Mrs Edwards says two ambulances have been blocked getting in and out of the care home in the last couple of weeks.

"It's beyond a joke now, people are too complacent," she said. "Somebody is going to die."

Mandy Bennett, regional manager for Crown Care which runs the home, said there had been a number of occasions where ambulances had been unable to access the building.

"We can't put people at risk by allowing people to park there," she said. "We've put polite notices on windscreens and on occasions we've been out and spoken to people.

"We're really at a loss at what we can do."

St John's headteacher Antoinette Drinkhill said she was concerned about the situation before the home opened last year and the school would welcome any ideas to resolve the situation, although it's constrained by finances.

"We try to manage it the best we can," she added. "The bulk of our parents and visitors to the home are considerate."