KIND-HEARTED folk on We Are Barnsley have been out in force this week.

After being sent a request on Tuesday, we asked: 'Had a message last night from a lady who now lives abroad. Her elderly parents still live in Barnsley and she's asked if there are any companies who deliver Christmas meals. Does anyone know of any?'

The response was unbelievable, with over 100 comments from those offering their services. It wasn't companies, either - it was the town's caring individuals.

One kind reader said: "Where do they live? I'm cooking for lots of people and would love to invite them over to mine.

"To be honest two more won't hurt, it's good to meet new people. We have crackers as well!"

That was just the start. We were inundated with messages from others who were also willing to help out in whatever way they could.

People from Hemingfield, Elsecar, Wombwell, Dodworth, Monk Bretton, Carlton, Royston, Darfield, Athersley, Shafton, Cudworth and even Sheffield all told us they were interested.

This came in a week of quite negative stories and the readers were thoroughly impressed with the town's kindness.

Paul Cooper said: "This is why people in Barnsley are the best in the country."

Nick Hyde added: "Reading this has made my day. Barnsley folk are the best people ever, I don't care what anyone says!"

Judith Halkerston, group editor of Script Media which runs the website, said: "It was lovely to see how people responded to this - within a very short time, there were dozens of offers to deliver lunch on Christmas Day and even people inviting the couple to their homes.

"It goes to show that community spirit and generosity is alive and well and that the town has a lot to be proud of. It's certainly given my festive spirit a real boost!"