A MAN has embarked on an epic journey of sobriety cos he's 'avin a year wi art beer'!

Like a lot of people, Wayne Wall enjoys a pint but after turning 42 last month he's decided not to touch a drop of booze until he turns 43.

The security worker admits going 365 days without any alcohol may not appear to be a difficult task but he's hoping people will feel enough sympathy to dip in their pockets and help him raise cash for Cancer Research UK.

He said: "They say that 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything, so I figured as I turned 42 at the end of November I would spend my 42nd year without any alcohol and see if the answer was out there and not at the bottom of a pint pot.

"So from two minutes before midnight on the eve of my birthday and ending on my 43rd birthday, I'm not going to touch a drop of alcohol."

To make the sacrifice all that sweeter Wayne has joined up with the cancer charity and under the guise of the 'Dryathlon' he's hoping to raise as much as possible for the good cause.

"I already have more than £400 in sponsors from my work colleagues, family and friends," said Wayne.

"I know it's not tightrope walking across the Grand Canyon or going down Niagara Falls in a barrel or running a marathon, but it's a year of being sober and that in itself, in this current climate, can be just as hairy."

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