Puzzled about the town centre wi-fi scheme? Baffled as to how to connect? Look no further, the WAB Wi-fi Guide is here to help.

First things first; you have to register online. And you have to be in the town centre to do that (you sign up on the network.)

You have to pony up your name, email address, mobile number and a password. You will get a validating text and need to enter this to validate your connection. From henceforth, whenever you want to access the free Wi-fi it will prompt you for your mobile number and password before it opens up it's little pearly server gates for you.

Now, to use the free Wi-fi next work in the town centre you must be, ahem, IN the town centre and have a device that will allow you to connect - like a laptop or phone that's Wi-fi enabled. Areas of coverage in the catchment area is around the interchange, town hall, The Mall, open market, Morrisons, Digital Media Centre, the college, in most shops and cafes, office buildings and open areas in the inbetween.

For those who aren't so tech savvy, here's how you connect. You have to use your phone, laptop, Blackberry, space craft..whatever...to detect all available Wi-fi signals

PING! Once you see BarnsleyFreeWiFi stop your search! This is the one you are after! When you first try to connect, you will be taken to an internet site where you can register/ log in.

There's a little disclaimer when you register about usage, details etc...take a moment to read it. (I know you won't but I have to say it!)

And ta-da! You should be surfing! Good luck and enjoy - it is, after all, free...