A SCORNED woman tried to scupper her ex's foreign holiday with his new partner.

Bitter Katy Higgins, 29, made efforts to cancel her ex-boyfriend's passport in revenge for him leaving her for a younger woman, Barnsley Magistrates' Court was told.

David Godfrey, prosecuting, said Higgins got a passport cancellation form from a Post Office branch.

He said: "She filled in the form purporting to be her ex-boyfriend. She signed his name at the bottom.

"The former boyfriend ended up £245 out of pocket because he had to go to the Passport Office in Liverpool at short notice to buy a replacement passport."

John Jones, defending, said Higgins, of Butcher Street, Thurnscoe, was having a difficult pregnancy when she split up with the victim.

He said: "This case falls under the category of 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'.

"Miss Higgins's boyfriend's decision to start a relationship with a younger woman did not go down well.

"The pregnancy was difficult. She was visiting hospital every two days. She was distressed.

"Within a few hours of forging the lost passport form, she contacted the ex-boyfriend and told him what she had done. She did not realise she would cause him so many problems."

Higgins admitted making a false instrument under the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act. She was ordered to pay £125 towards the cost of her ex-boyfriend's new passport, a £60 victim surcharge and £35 in costs.

Higgins also admitted driving otherwise in accordance with a licence and having no insurance. She was fined £145.