THE plan to put a £2million traffic light scheme on the motorway junction at Dodworth has been approved. 

The council's ruling cabinet agreed to plans for lights on all entrances to the roundabout at junction 37 at its meeting last week.

However, the approval came with a word of warning from a senior voice at Barnsley Council.

Cllr Jim Andrews, deputy leader of the council, said similar works on the motorway junction at Birdwell had not resulted in the improved traffic flows intended.

"I won't say it's made it worse, but it's as bad as it has ever been," said Cllr Andrews.

"We still get traffic heading for the motorway queuing right back in to the village.

"If it needs to be done at Dodworth, it needs to be done right. It is a pinch point.

"I do hope the Highways Agency will keep a very close eye on it and make necessary adjustments if the traffic does not flow freely - like I hope they will be doing at Birdwell."

The Department of Transport has pledged £1.4million for the project with the shortfall to be made up by other grant applications.

It's hoped the improved traffic flow will aid development to the west of Barnsley.