A FOUR-YEAR-OLD child from Barnsley has the same IQ as Einstein - if not higher.

Sherwyn Sarabi, who tuned four in September, has had his IQ measured as 'at least' 160.

The tests used by specialists cannot measure anything higher than 160.

The toddler, of East End Crescent, Royston, has read 940 books by himself - including books intended for children more than twice his age! 

He can name every country on a globe and every element on periodic table.

"I have to be very careful about what he is reading," said his mum Amanda, 37, a former school teacher who now teaches piano.

She took him to see Dr Peter Congdon, a consultant educational psychologist, a year ago.

His IQ was measured at 136. Amanda took him again two weeks ago and Dr Congdon said he has made 'huge progress'.

He said: "I specialise in profoundly gifted children. I have been doing this for 40 years and it's extremely rare to see a 160.

"It's difficult to say he's the most intelligent child I've met, because like I say, I specialise in this and I have seen thousands of children, including the most gifted.

"But I have only seen a small handful at this level.

"It's so important for such gifted children to be challenged and stretched. He has a very bright future ahead of him, so long as he is stretched at a good school."