THE town centre improvement project is set to be expanded to include an area of Market Hill and the east side of Church Street.

The already approved Urban Centre Infrastructure (UCI) project will enhance almost 11,000 square metres on Eldon Street, Regent Street South, Hanson Street, Royal Street, Regent Street and Eastgate.

This includes paving in natural materials (York stone and granite) and new lighting and street furniture.

The project has been worked up to the detailed design stage and was subject to full public and stakeholder consultation.

It will go ahead if agreed by cabinet at their next meeting on Wednesday, December 4.

Cllr Roy Miller, cabinet spokesperson, said: "The consultation with the public and business users has been very positive and the aim is that access to all premises in both areas will be maintained throughout the duration of the project."

The report seeks additional match funding of £0.322million which will be required to secure the additional grant of £0.188million from the European Regional Development Fund to enable the project expansion to be completed.

The UCI project is ready to be tendered with an anticipated start on site in March 2014 and will take approximately 13 months to complete.

Barnsley Council has secured £1.092million from the European Regional Development Fund.