A KIND-HEARTED shopper was shocked to be slapped with a £70 car parking fine after buying food to send to typhoon victims in her native Philippines.

Emmy Frank, 46, who lives in Thurgoland, spent £63 on supplies for people struck by last month's natural disaster in Asia during a trip to Asda in Barnsley.

Her husband Tony, 58, who owns the vehicle, was then sent a sent a letter with details of the fine on Wednesday.

"My wife had apparently been in the car park and overstayed her welcome and triggered this outrageous charge," said Tony, of Belmont Terrace.

"What made it more unacceptable was that Emmy had been running around from one supermarket to another all morning to buy food and pick up clothes to send to the Typhoon Haiyan-affected area of the Philippines."

Emmy shopped for about an hour before returning to her vehicle but was unable to close a car door due to a faulty catch.

She phoned husband Tony for advice and was stranded until he returned her call and offered a solution, meaning she unknowingly spent too long in the car park.

A spokesman for Asda called the incident an ‘unfortunate set of circumstances’ and said the problem would have been resolved on the day had the car fault been reported in store.

"We are happy to review parking charges on a case-by-case basis, where a customer has a genuine reason to be at the store we will refund the tickets.

"On this occasion we have decided to cancel Mr Frank’s tickets."