AUTHOR Milly Johnson joined around 200 people at Barnsley Central Library to protest against the demolition of the building to make way for a new sixth form college.

A broad cross-section of Barnsley was represented on November 17 with a novelist next to a councillor, a firefighter next to a children's illustrator, a columnist to a baker, a lawyer to a highway worker, a pensioner to a child and a nurse to a retired steelworker.

The protesters had gathered to form a human 'chain' around the Shambles Street library and show they're against proposals to flatten the building next year.

Once the library was fully encircled the human 'chain' marched around the building.

It was almost a carnival atmosphere as numbers swelled and sympathetic car drivers hooted their horns as they drove past.

Campaigner Dave Gibson said: "To get so many people out demanding the library be left untouched shows how much it means to the community.

"If you add that to the 4,000 people who have signed our petition in less than three weeks, then it seems very clear to me that the popular mood in the town is for the library to stay where it is."

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