A DOCTOR has given evidence in the trial of Michael Beaumont, who is accused of murdering his 11-month-old son.

Beaumont claims his son was knocked down some steps by the family dog - but a doctor told Sheffield Crown Court that Kadan's injuries were not consistent with him having fallen down steps.

Beaumont, 28, from Pitsmoor, Sheffield, told police his son was knocked down some steps at their home in Chapel Street, Hoyland, the day before he died from bleeding on the brain caused by skull fractures.

But the prosecution say he inflicted the fatal injuries on his baby son. He denies murder.

The medic told the jury: "I would expect a single impact on a bony surface, not multiple impacts on the soft tissue of the face and neck.

"There were too many impacts and the position of the impacts on multiple different surfaces on the child’s head is not consistent with an accidental fall down steps."

The doctor said the presence of two fractures to the skull implied there had been two impacts.

She added it would be very rare to see two fractures from one impact unless it had been on the vertex of the skull.

Beaumont told police he failed to take his son to hospital. He claims Kadan’s mother, Helen Barnes, told him the baby would be alright and to give him Calpol.

Barnes, who works as a teaching assistant in Sheffield, denies cruelty to a child by neglecting to seek medical assistance.

The trial continues.