30 people were arrested and scores more given fines and banned from the town centre as part of a Mad Friday crackdown last weekend.

Police say 30 arrests were made for a variety of drink and drug related crimes along with a couple of assaults. Many more people were issued with £80 fines and banned from the town centre (called a Section 27 order) for a minimum of 12 hours as part of the crackdown, which will be repeated again tomorrow (Friday Dec 23).

Police have teamed up with local pubs, door staff and the town centre CCTV for the crackdown on disorderley conduct which will see people asked to leave the town centre if they start causing trouble – if they refuse to go, or try to sneak back in, they will be arrested.

Inspector Simon Wanless said: "The Section 27s worked well and will be something we are repeating.The reality is these are the people who might have been prevented from committing a crime or being the victim of crime."

The crackdown is part of a police campaign called Shaken and Slurred which looks at the crimes surrounding excessive drinking – including violence, driving while over the limit and disorderly conduct.

To find out more about the Shaken and Slurred campaign, go to http://www.facebook.com/shakenandslurred - tomorrow police will be Tweeting their experiences. The Tweets will be pulled into our homepage or will be on #barnsley23.