Two Thurnscoe residents are out of pocket following fly tipping cases brought against them by Barnsley Council at Barnsley Magistrates Court on Thursday, 21 July.

Phillipa Emmerson, 30, of Tudor Street, Thurnscoe, pleaded guilty to dumping black household waste bags and cardboard boxes on the recreation area off Tudor Street in November 2010.

She admitted dumping the waste and said she moved the rubbish from behind her house because she had seen rats in the area, and also that she didn’t have the correct bin. She was sentenced to 12 month conditional discharge and had to pay the full council costs of £274.50 less £15 for the cost of a new bin.

Shaun Moreby, 44, of Peartree Avenue, Thurnscoe, also pleaded guilty to a fly tipping offence. Mr Moreby had dumped three van loads of building waste on land at Lingamore Leyes and was caught by the police whilst he was dumping the third van load.

Mr Moreby first told the police that the waste was not his and he was actually collecting it from the site to use on a building project at his home, but further investigation showed that the waste had in fact come from his home address. He admitted dumping the waste, saying he had used a skip but this was full, so he had dumped the rest.

Mr Moreby subsequently cleared all the waste he had dumped himself. He received a total fine of £628.63 which included repaying the councils costs in full.

Coun Roy Miller, Cabinet spokesman, said: "I would encourage any member of the public who witnesses fly tipping to come forward with information, it will be investigated thoroughly by council officers and action will be taken against offenders. Fly tipping is a serious offence, it ruins any area where it is found and can be a hazard to the public, the environment and local wildlife."